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Learn How to Own your Life

We all know how important personal finance is; unfortunately, it isn’t taught in school, and many of us are forced to learn about money the hard way! Luckily, this podcast’s guest speaker is incredibly qualified to chat on this topic. Ryan Sterling (CFA, financial advisor, wealth coach, Tedx Speaker, Podcast host & author) is a great role model for many young professionals, and I personally am a big fan of his work; he brings a fresh perspective and unique message to this field of accounting.



Ryan discusses the importance of spending your money intentionally; of knowing where your money is going when, why, and how this contributes to the life that is fulfilling for you. Personal fulfillment will never be satisfied by material goods, but your allocation of resources (money, time, ideas) will help design a life that brings purpose and satisfaction. Intention and personal responsibility will light the path towards conscious spending and ensure your valuable resources are guiding you towards a fulfilling life.


As the sole owner of your intentionally designed life, you have a responsibility to invest in yourself and your life. Embracing an ownership mentality over your spending will allow you to identify deficits and surpluses of wealth (in money, time, love, etc) and plan accordingly, just as a CEO of a company would. You no longer have to be owned by the products that you’ve surrounded your life with; instead, you can transform from a consumer of stuff to an owner of capital. By placing agency and choice first, you can make sure to avoid big mistakes (spending more than you have, making risky bets, etc), understand what you’re buying (and why!), and live life on your own terms.


They don’t involve comparison or competition. Focusing exclusively on your personal goals and reaching those, rather than keeping up with other people, will ground your life in an agency and ownership mentality that will carry throughout your financial experience. Start young, allow the magic of compounded interest to do its thing, and choose to live in your reality by putting agency and choice first.

🎧 To learn more about these ideas, dive deeper into the concept of ownership, learn about money management, or find yourself a mentor in Cece, head to the Dear Accountant Podcast here.

🎙 “Dear Accountant” podcast is a uniquely insightful and entertaining podcast for aspiring young business professionals. Each episode is packed with actionable advice to help young finance professionals get ready for whatever challenge they may face next. Aside from all of the many cool things in accounting (technical topics and trends), we bring in industry experts and influential leaders to share their journey, insights and perspectives. We will also cover topics that were not taught in school - life essential skills such as personal finance, emotional intelligence, mentorship, networking, body language and human behaviors, and so much more!

💬 About our guest, Ryan Sterling:

  • Ryan Sterling is a Chartered Financial Analyst, financial advisor, wealth coach, podcast host, and an author - and that is not even half of what he does. He's really all in! Despite being a successful high earning finance professional, he once fell into the same financial trap that most Americans fall victim to. Today his mission is to bring financial peace and independence to the masses by taking clients on the journey from being a consumer of stuff and supplier of labor to an owner of capital and life on their own terms. ABOUT RYAN STERLING Ryan Sterling is the founder of Future You Wealth, a successful wealth manager and sought after holistic wealth coach, speaker, and published author of “You’re Making Other People Rich”. As a financial advisor, he challenges and inspires people to live life on their terms by taking accountability and action over their wealth.

  • Ryan has personally worked with thousands of people to help go from being a consumer of “stuff” to an owner of capital and life on their terms. He has been featured in media outlets such as Business Insider, CNN Money, Huff Post, and is a TEDx speaker. He has earned his MBA and the distinction of Chartered Financial Analyst. Before starting Future You Wealth, he worked at some of the world’s leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, AllianceBernstein and Capital Group.

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