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Learn how to Own and Control your Emotions for Success

Emotional intelligence, self awareness and identity each have deep connections to our personal and professional life. Do you understand who you are, how you feel about yourself and your surroundings, and how you align your self image with reality? Do you understand your true strength and values?

Dr. Linda Papadopoulos shared with us her insights and perspectives - definitely something I wish I and everyone knew at a very young age!



Your self-image and sense of self are built on the information you consistently feed yourself about who you are, how you are, and why you are that way. Dr. Linda cautions individuals to beware of how they talk to themselves; catching and reversing negative thinking can help to instill positive affirmations that boost confidence, self esteem, and help with emotional control. Dr. Linda offers one possible way to add this to your everyday life: whenever you look in the mirror, don’t leave without focusing on at least one thing you like about yourself.


Your self esteem should be built out of a variety of sources of personal pride. What parts of yourself are you most proud of? Maybe it’s your writing abilities, your running skills, or the way your hair shines. Ensure that your self esteem is built through more than one specific pride in self; that way, you can turn to these areas of strength and build on them throughout the day. When your self esteem eggs are all in one basket, it becomes a lot easier to be affected by the images and feedback you receive on this trait; when your self confidence stems from more than one area, you can pull on them individually to build an effective sense of identity and self. For example, body image in particular is only a subjective account of how you look, and can easily drip into self image problems or body dysmorphia - building your self esteem through other means can help ensure a greater sense of personal identity.


Knowing how to read and interpret emotional signals can be an incredibly powerful tool in any industry, including accounting. Build your confidence in this by consistently engaging with others, smiling, and reading the rooms you occupy. Understanding body language, tone of voice, and emotional signals will help you better curate your responses and build adaptability when interacting with others. It’s an unfortunate reality that emotional intelligence is not built into school curriculum; curate a syllabus of learning how to read others, and test yourself often.

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💬 About our guest, Dr. Linda Papadopoulos: Dr. Linda Papadopoulos is a well-known and respected psychologist. In her work, she explores the many sides of human psychology. From the psychology behind anxiety, dealing with grief, body confidence and attitudes in the workplace & everything in between. She has published more than forty academic articles and is the author of numerous books including her most recent book, “UNFOLLOW: Living life on your own terms.”

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