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How to build a high impact campus recruiting strategy

As fall sets in, companies, universities, and colleges open their recruiting scheduled for full-time and internship positions. Their virtual sessions will be flooded with employers seeking the best and brightest students to become their future leaders. How should companies, students, and recruiters be thinking about the strategies to make it all a better experience? In this episode, I had the honor to talk about these topics with Dayna Shamlin.



With the seemingly endless opportunity for virtual events, students and potential employers may be struggling with Zoom fatigue. Dayna explains that in order to counter this potential deterrence to recruitment outcomes, your corporate recruitment strategy should only include events that would provide value to the potential employee. Events going over the recruitment process, or detailing the action of the corporation in the DEI space can be helpful additions that will guide potential employees towards your events.


Every company looking to hire needs to be able to tell the story of the work they’ve been doing in DEI spaces and the demonstrated results they have or expect to have as a result of these allyship activities. Only through a commitment to broad representation of diversity can companies build the diversity of thought integral to a sustainable business model and crucial for retaining top talent. Dayna explains that companies no longer have the luxury of blaming lack of diversity on the pools of talent; they have to reflect on how the company actively invites others into its spaces, at all levels.


Both recruiters and potential employees will find value in being authentic to their true selves. Not only will this allow one to stand out, but it will also provide a differentiating factor in a market that competes over the ability to quickly deliver talent. The junior talent space is an important place, and there are always individuals within it looking for advice or guidance. Potential employers can zone in on these valuable candidates if they are open to talking authentically. Sharing their insight invites others in, opening an authentic talent pool at all levels, and building a diverse workforce straight from even the recruiting process.

🎧 To learn more about the importance of diversity outreach for junior-level talent, corporate recruiting, and more mentorship advice from Cece Leung, listen to the Dear Accountant podcast here.

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💬 About our guest, Dayna Shamlin: Dayna has been in financial services for two decades in various human resource, talent management, and development capacities. She is currently the Executive Director at MSCI where she oversees talent pipeline programs globally, diversity sourcing, and a number of strategic change initiatives for Talent Attraction & Mobility. She believes in the importance of wellbeing, inclusion, and belonging, as well as creating equitable access through education and employment opportunities. She also serves on the NY Advisory Board of Career Springs, a nonprofit focused on providing career information, social capital, and job placement services for First-Generation Students.

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