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Are you thinking about getting an advanced accounting accreditation?

The Dear Accountant podcast is the ultimate mentorship tool: advice, stories, and career introspections from executives, leaders, and idea makers in the accounting industry. I am proud of the accounting profession, and I am a strong champion for accountants. Whether you are just learning about it in school or you have started your career, you know how much work goes into succeeding. Just like starting a new business, it’s always exciting but also challenging; and sometimes we overlook the importance of the initial set up - building a strong foundation is essential and important to overcome challenges down the road as you continue to serve the public and clients. Professor Mansour Farhat CPA, CIA, CFE, CGMA, MAcc is the mastermind behind a series of online courses and a YouTube channel that is helping many students globally achieve their advanced degree goals. Mansour understands that the traditional classroom setting is generally a one-size-fits-all. Not every student has the same pace of learning and students who need extra time to understand certain concepts may be left behind.



When Professor Farhat worked at Merril-Lynch, he became curious regarding questions about the tax consequences he was being asked but didn’t know the answers to. This curiosity triggered his interest in Taxation, which he pursued over the next decades; as such, curiosity can be seen as the key to a fulfilling and interesting career for yourself. To reflect on this, think about what aspects of accounting spark the most curiosity for you: this may be the best place to be!


As an accounting professor, Mr. Farhat understands that accounting concepts do not exist in vacuums; rather, they build on one another over days, weeks, semesters and courses. As such, he explains that prerequisites need to be fully understood; if your professor can’t teach it to you, turn to youtube or other sources of information for help. His website is a great place to start!


When his Tuesday classes were cancelled four weeks in a row, Professor Farhat decided to turn to Youtube to post his lectures. He explains that although the material and financial expectations are the same, the delivery method has changed in the evolution of education. Since technology changed the landscape, there are more opportunities for students to truly learn the material!

🎧 To learn more about accounting accreditations, technological change, or to find yourself a mentor in Cece, head to the Dear Accountant Podcast here.

🎙 “Dear Accountant” podcast is a uniquely insightful and entertaining podcast for aspiring young business professionals. Each episode is packed with actionable advice to help young finance professionals get ready for whatever challenge they may face next. Aside from all of the many cool things in accounting (technical topics and trends), we bring in industry experts and influential leaders to share their journey, insights and perspectives. We will also cover topics that were not taught in school - life essential skills such as personal finance, emotional intelligence, mentorship, networking, body language and human behaviors, and so much more!

💬 About our guest, Professor Farhat: Professor Mansour Farhat CPA, CIA, CFE, CGMA, MAcc is the mastermind behind a series of online courses and a YouTube channel that is helping many students globally achieve their advanced degree goals. offers open Accounting instructional videos to learners who want to study at their own pace in and outside the classroom. The website offers a growing number of Accounting lectures that cover college-level Accounting. Any student around the world who is struggling to understand a particular Accounting concept or juggling classes, a job, and family responsibilities can take advantage

📖 Get the amazing advices from the 20 mentors in the “Dear Accountant” Book: The book offers a unique immersion into the lives and careers of 20 inspiring leaders in finance from different disciplines - their backstories, pivotal moments, career trajectories, and hiccups along the way.

🎧 Listen to Cece’s interviews about her passion and mission in writing this book and paying it forward to help young professionals to find meaning and fulfillment in their life and career:


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